Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter sent a letter to 1,100 California Superintendents to let them know that Emergency Use Authorization products, like the RT-PCR test and COVID vaccines, cannot be mandated, as they are investigational and experimental. They must be voluntary. Further, according to both the CDC and WHO, if RT-PCR testing is offered voluntarily, it must only be offered to those with symptoms through their own doctor. This letter also contains science showing that children are not asymptomatic carriers of COVID, and that COVID vaccines have not been proven to prevent person-to-person transmission. Please share this letter with your own school district to educate them on medical ethics, the science, and the law.

Included in the Superintendents letter is a second letter that was sent to California County Officials.

In addition, we sent a letter to County Supervisors in California, regarding illegal mandates of products that have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA.)

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  • Vaccine, Testing or Mask Requirement
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