Recommended Resources

Children’s Health Defense California has established a reputation of fighting for medical freedom and defending children.  Understanding the unprecedented time we live in, Children’s Health Defense California has created vital resources for Californians.  This resource list serves to help Californians fight mandates, refuse experimental products, and access essential resources from other credible like-minded groups.

Vaccination Clinic

A letter designed to send to the schools who are setting up vaccination clinics. “We are specifically writing this letter to make sure that everyone involved with the rapidly approaching covid-19 “vaccine” clinics, for children ages 12 and up, has all of the available information concerning the dangers of this product. Setting up these clinics at the school is unprecedented.”

Vaccine Passport and Verification

Beyond the Blueprint

As Governor Newsom rescinds his emergency order, he also launches new programs and initiatives through the state health department.  The following is an analysis with information on the new vaccine verification system rolling out in California.

Banning Vaccine Passport Initiatives

Resolutions, Talking Points, and support to build resistance in your community against the vaccine verification systems rolling out.

Children's Privacy Petition

Stop Government Mandates, Big Tech, and Teacher Unions from Violating Your Children's Privacy. Say No to Programs like "Daily Pass"

Mask Mandates


This serves as notice that the mandate for any individual to wear a mask against COVID-19 as a condition of employment or attendance at a university or other institution violates federal law

School Mandates

Notice of Liability

Notice of Liability Letters to Superintendents, County Supervisors, and Health Officers, educating officials while also putting them on notice for illegal mandates and requirements.

Supervisor Illegal Mandates

Regarding illegal mandates of products that have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA.)

Instructions for School Board

Learn how to get an item like "SCHOOL POLICY RE: MASK ENFORCEMENT REQUIRED BY CDPH" on the agenda at your next School Board Meeting.

Letter for school board & superintendent

CDPH guidelines have recently been updated, delegating mask enforcement choices to school districts. Send this letter to your school board and school superintendent to request that masking enforcement be limited.  Customize the form with the name of your district.

Religious Exemption Affidavit

Religious Exemptions for Schools and Employers

College Letter

Addressed to university officials, this letter addresses the illegality of mandates and requirements under the EUA law.

COVID Letter University - Shorter Version

Shorter COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate Letter for Colleges

COVID Letter University -  Longer Version

Longer COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate Letter for Colleges

Robert F. Kennedy Letter to Rutgers University

The announcement last week by Rutgers University that it would require all students to get the COVID vaccine prompted CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to remind university officials that federal law prohibits mandating Emergency Use Authorization vaccines.

Educate Advocate

Being Denied In-Person Education? File an official complaint. If your California student is being denied access to In- Person education because of PCR Covid Test requirement please reach out to Educate.Advocate.

We are filing complaints with either state or federal agency for students on an IEP and those not on an IEP.

Provide provide the following Information and return to Educate.Advocate. ASAP.

Students Name :
School Name:
Grade for each student:
Birth date:
IEP or Non-IEP :
Mailing address :
Phone number:
LAUSD school Yes/No:
Email information to
 [email protected]

Employee Mandates

Right to Refuse

Prepare to discuss vaccination clinics, health passes, and the EUA status of the vaccine with your Superintendent.  A template outline is prepared to guide your meeting.

Local & Public Official Meeting

Superintendent Meeting Outline

Prepare to discuss vaccination clinics, health passes, and the EUA status of the vaccine with your Superintendent.  A template outline is prepared to guide your meeting.

City Council Meeting

Gear up for local meetings regarding the vaccine verification systems with this meeting outline template.

Vaccine Passport & Informed Consent Resolution Templates

The packet of resolutions passed in Lander County is impressive.  Learn from the brilliant minds who created these templates applicable in all counties across the country.