December 15, 2021

LAUSD Board Rescinds and Delays Enacting Punitive Measures Against Unvaccinated Covid-19 Students

By Aria Morgan –  Children’s Health Defense –  California Chapter Team

Tuesday December 14, 2021, proved to be a powerful day in our collective fight against unjust mandates, illegal vaccines and medical discrimination. More importantly, today’s outcome represented the power of the people to unite together, hold the line, and reclaim the sovereignty and bodily autonomy that is ours.

All but one Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board member…
(McKenna, opposed) voted to rescind their decision to enact punitive measures upon its more than 34,000 unvaccinated COVID-19 students, staving off the January 10, 2021 initial deadline for compliance, which was Agenda Item 8 in today’s Board Meeting: “Delay the Transfer of Students Not in Compliance with the Vaccination Requirement to Online Independent Study Instruction; and Application of Student and Employee Vaccine Policy to All LAUSD Authorized Charter Schools.”

“We are thrilled with this outcome, but this is the first major battle victory in a long war,” cautioned the legal team from Children’s Health Defense – CA (CHD-CA) and Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK), comprised of Rita Barnett-Rose, Jessica Barsotti and Nicole Pearson. “Our lawsuit is still ongoing, and we plan to fight this all the way. We haven’t yet had a hearing on the merits, and although the judge initially ruled against us and declined to grant our preliminary injunction, we still won today because the LAUSD Board voted to rescind the vaccine deadline.”

Massive Public Support: Over 34,000 Families Held the Line

The official letter issued by LAUSD Board states “high vaccination rates” are the reason the Board decided to suspend its deadline. However, it appears unlikely that, all of the sudden, over the course of a few days, high vaccination rates changed the Board’s mind. Our CHD-CA and PERK legal team believes “the Board voted in our favor because over 34,000 families held the line. This is about them, their courage and their commitment to staying strong in their beliefs, no matter what.”

This massive public support began last week, at the initial hearing of CHD-CA and PERK vs. LAUSD. Over 150 people showed up inside the courtroom. Up to 100 more couldn’t be seated and waited outside. “We presented over 131 declarations from parents, and 7 declarations from experts, showing not only the harm of these illegal vaccines, but also the harm and unconstitutionality of excluding students from in-person schooling,” declared the legal team.

Today’s support was even more impressive. Amidst a bevy of honking cars and onlookers cheering, “over 300 people came out today in Los Angeles’s first winter storm, with umbrellas, signs and megaphones in hand. We surrounded the LAUSD meeting, chanting and uniting in peaceful protest,” declared the CHD-CA and PERK legal team.

First Major Victory Battle in a Long War

The legal team plans to file an Amended Complaint that adds additional claims, some of which may include fighting against existing discriminatory practices such as requiring COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated students, but not of vaccinated students, a practice that does not hold scientific merit or legitimacy. A trial date has not yet been set.

Had the LAUSD Board not rescinded its January 10, 2022 deadline, over 34,000 LAUSD students would have been sent to the City of Angels, a sub-par remote learning option that is barely handling its current enrollment. Not only would the system have crashed under such a sudden influx, but massive numbers of students would also have left the system entirely to pursue alternative educational options.

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Children’s Health Defense – California Legal Team: Rita Barnett-Rose, Jessica Barsotti and Nicole Pearson
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense, and Denise Young, Executive Director, Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter