Stop Government Mandates, Big Tech, and Teacher Unions from Violating Your Children's Privacy


Districts, like the Los Angeles Unified School District, have teamed up with Microsoft to officially launch The Daily Pass, a web app which has been created to track children’s community actions, health symptoms, vaccine status and their regular PCR test results. If their answers meet the district’s criteria, a QR code can be printed which will then allow the child onto campus for that specific day.

What is the Daily Pass?

  • Is an app which presents questions that children fill out each and every school day before being allowed onto campus.
  • Encourages, rewards and requires mask wearing and social distancing both on and off campus, as well as restricts people seen outside of school at home.
  • Influences how children view health and illness by being hyper vigilant in checking and reporting symptoms each day.
  • Tracks children’s movement by having them report if they leave Southern CA.
  • Students without the barcode will be barred from going into school
  • All data gathered by the app will be shared with various institutions "to provide insights and strategies" as required


The Daily Pass app has been created by Microsoft, whose owner Bill Gates has a significant conflict of interest as a top donor of the WHO, CDC, scientific institutions, and media outlets such as NPR; as well as being a main investor of vaccine development.

Among other things, The Daily Pass requires a student to undergo regular PCR testing to attend in person classes. This is a direct violation of federal law as the PCR test is not a fully licensed product and in being so, cannot be mandated.


I want to sign and share this urgent petition to tell Schools Districts, like LA Unified, and Big Tech, like Microsoft, that we refuse to have our children's privacy violated in the name of COVID-19. We must unite together to stamp this out before these actions become more widespread.

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