A Proclamation of Freedom with
Robert F. Kennedy. Jr

June 19, 2021

Children's Health Defense, California Chapter hosted an evening of discussion, education, and inspiration with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at Calvary Chapel San Jose on June 19th. The event was sold out and was live streamed to thousands of viewers.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Image Credit Scott Stolarz

A few weeks ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke about medical choice and Dr. Fauci’s storied career to a full house in San Jose, California. The enthusiasm was palpable during his speech, as the 1,800 attendees broke out in thunderous applause every few minutes. Many of the attendees were Calvary Chapel church-goers who have stood strong against government over-reach, as Calvary stayed open during lockdowns, incurred more than $3.5 million in fines, endured threats from the bank to pull the mortgage on the property, and even withstood threats of jail time for Pastor Mike McClure. Mr. Kennedy lauded Pastor Mike for his “incredible courage, clarity, vision and willingness to stand up for [his] conscience against all the power of the government and [the] medical cartel.” He said “it’s an inspiration to everybody in this country who sees what’s going on.” It was an exhilarating moment to witness the coming together of these two heroes, Pastor Mike -- who appeared by video -- and Mr. Kennedy.

Even though Mr. Kennedy’s speech was an unlisted video on YouTube, only accessible if you had the link, YouTube removed it for a while, then reinstated it. Please watch and share widely to spread the truth!

The California Chapter of Children’s Health Defense is working hard to fight medical mandates. We announced at the event that we filed in U.S. District Court a suit against Los Angeles Unified School District for their discriminatory and exclusionary policy that forces students, faculty and staff to use a Microsoft app called the Daily Pass to be on campus. The app requires regular non-FDA approved testing. Due to well-characterized issues with the accuracy and incorrect usage of the PCR test, this policy bars perfectly healthy people from being on campus. The test relegates children who test positive for SARS CoV-2 – whether or not they are actually sick or infectious - to use inferior distance learning for extended periods, which caused significant learning loss in schoolchildren during lockdowns. In the future, the Daily Pass is likely to contain other private medical information like vaccination status. These so-called vaccine passports have no place in a free and equal society, and must be stopped now.

We are considering many other suits in California and will make exciting announcements very soon.

As a new chapter of Children’s Health Defense, we have limited resources, and need your help to fully fund these lawsuits. We need to invest in the world we want to live in, and we do not want to live in a society that is discriminatory and violates our medical privacy at every turn. Though we are a new chapter, most of us have worked on the issue of medical freedom and vaccine injury awareness for decades. There is no group better suited for this work. Please support this important work at any level you can. We can’t do it without you.


alix mayer

Alix Mayer
President, Children's Health Defense - California Chapter

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