December 10, 2021

LAUSD Board to Reconsider Punitive Consequences of Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate. Important Action Steps!

By the Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter Team


Dear Children’s Health Defense Community: We are making progress!

This morning, parents of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) received a text from the LAUSD Board saying that on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the Board will hold a special meeting to delay the implementation of the consequences of the Covid 19 vaccine requirement for all students ages 12 and up. The original consequence was to force all students into independent study to the City of Angels, LAUSD’s K-12 remote learning option.

This is a major move by LAUSD, and less than 48 hours after the Children’s Health Defense-CA Chapter (CHD-CA) and Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK) vs. LAUSD hearing on Wednesday December 8. At this hearing, detailed below, our CHD-CA and PERK legal team requested that the Court grant a preliminary injunction against LAUSD’s unlawful Covid-19 vaccine mandate which would have thrown more than 34,000 kids in LAUSD out of in-person learning and into remote learning. Our attorneys, who were initially met with an already-prepared 14 page “tentative,” unfavorable decision by Judge Beckloff, were granted time to present their arguments to the Court, and in doing so, shifted Judge Beckloff from proceeding with his tentative ruling to deciding he needed additional time to reconsider.

What does this mean for us? Our next steps are absolutely critical!

Submit a public comment to urge the LAUSD Board to change the mandate to a recommendation. Look for details on how to comment below.

1. This is a Special Board Meeting. The LAUSD Board encourages public comment on the items for action on this agenda. Submit your speaker cards NOW for the LAUSD Board meeting on Tuesday December 14. Show your support for Agenda Item Number 8, LAUSD’s consideration to delay the implementation of removing students from in-person for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.  Registration will open 24 hours before the meeting.  Register here.

Let the LAUSD school board know:

“Dear LAUSD Board Members, Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendents:

Do not transfer children to educationally inferior, remote learning instruction for failing to comply with an illegal Covid-19 vaccine mandate. In California, by law, independent study must be voluntary. Transferring 34,000 students to an overwhelmed, already failing independent study system only harms our students and does not make LAUSD campuses safer. Forced online learning is not equivalent to in-person schooling, and deprives students of other on-campus services and activities crucial to students, both academically and socially.

Please also reconsider your decision to continue imposing this ill-conceived mandate which prevents students from participating in extracurricular activities with the same children they spend their entire school day with, simply based on their Covid-19 vaccine status. If these students are tested weekly, it makes no sense to prevent students who test negative from participating in extracurricular activities, activities which enrich their educational lives and may significantly impact their future. All students have the right to make their own health choices.  Change the mandate to a recommendation.”

2. Please call before 5pm on Monday, December 13 for Board members to receive your message:
Call your board representatives at (213) 443- 4472.
Please also leave a message with the Interim Board Secretariat at (213) 241-7002. 

3. Please email before 5pm on Monday, December 13 for Board members to receive your message.
E-mail the Board Members at [email protected].
Please also email the Interim Board Secretariat at [email protected]  

3 . Get ready to show up at 1pm on Tuesday December 14, 2021, with signs showing your support for LAUSD to stop the illegal Covid-19 mandates and keep children in school.

Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District
333 South Beaudry Avenue, Board Room
2:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 14, 2021
The meeting shall be held through teleconferencing pursuant to the
provisions of California Assembly Bill 361. Members of the public may
observe the meeting online and offer public comment telephonically.

For those of you unable to attend in person, you may watch the hearing live at this link.

…regardless of where they live,
…regardless of what district they’re in,
…because what happens at LAUSD affects the rest of America!


Previously shared on Thursday, December 9, 2021:
CHD and PERK vs. LAUSD – Hearing Update 

On Wednesday, December 8, the legal team representing Children’s Health Defense-CA Chapter and PERK (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids) went to battle for our children’s rights to quality, in-person education, regardless of their Covid-19 vaccine status.

Upon arrival, the Children’s Health Defense-CA legal team was blindsided by an already-prepared 14-page tentative ruling denying our request for a preliminary injunction for an order stopping Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) from enforcing its Covid 19 shot requirement on kids ages 12 and older. Judge Beckloff decided to pause his ruling and granted our team permission to present our case. Our legal team, comprised of attorneys Jessica Barsotti, Rita Barnett-Rose, and Nicole Pearson, explained to the court why sending students to the City of Angels (LAUSD’s K-12 Remote Learning Program) is not equivalent to in-person education, and how allowing individual schools to mandate vaccines at the local level would set an “extremely dangerous precedent.”

Judge Beckloff was receptive to our attorneys’ arguments and stated that our attorneys had given him “pause” and “serious matters to think about.” As a result, rather than rubber-stamp his own 14-page initial ruling, he took it under submission and is still deciding how he should ruleJudge Beckloff did not give a specific deadline for his final ruling, however, we will keep you posted with the next steps and updates as they arise.