August 05, 2021

Coercive University Policies Have Real World Adverse Effects – Maddy’s Story

by Children’s Health Defense California Chapter Team

Madeline Johnson is a 21 year old pre-med undergraduate student at Chapman University and a frontline healthcare worker who ran labs for COVID patients in the ICU.  She has been suffering from serious neurological side effects since getting her second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at the end of February 2021.

Chapman University has decided to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for those students who want to be on campus.  Under this policy, students must either submit proof of vaccination, or be subjected to discriminatory twice-weekly testing and forced masking until such proof of vaccination can be shown. Chapman has further indicated it will remove its discriminatory alternatives of testing and masking once at least one of the COVID-19 experimental vaccines is granted full FDA approval. Children’s Health Defense, California Chapter, via its counsel, has sent a Cease & Desist letter to Chapman’s Vice President & General Counsel, putting Chapman on notice of injury to a current student, and demanding that the University immediately terminate its coercive policy due to the harm experienced by an attending student.

Maddy wanted to keep others safe

Maddy Johnson decided to get the Pfizer vaccine in order to “do the right thing” as a volunteer at a local hospital, where she was building her clinical hours and experience for medical school.  She anticipated she might need the shot in order to return to campus to finish her senior year at Chapman University. Beyond just the considerations of her job and in-person schooling, Maddy was thinking of her family, and wanted to protect those at high risk for COVID-19.

After receiving the COVID shot

Following her Pfizer vaccination, Maddy’s health began a slow but steady decline.  First, she had pain in her right wrist. Within a month, the pain, weakness, and numbness in her hand was unbearable. Maddy then sought medical attention. Tests were ordered to rule out carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome, which could have caused the numbness in her entire palm. A few weeks later, when the numbness had traveled from her hand and wrist to her shoulder, she was seen by a neurologist to do more tests. The neurologist discovered unusual reflexes in her right leg. A perfect nerve conduction study (NCS) and EMG did not align with the symptoms she was experiencing at the time. She was referred to another neurologist to check if the symptoms were originating in her brain.

Frequent ER visits began

The following morning, May 25, 2021, Maddy woke up with numbness in her right foot, which quickly escalated to partial paralysis of her toes, ankle, and knee, prompting the first of her many visits to the ER.  Maddy began to experience waves of different symptoms, such as losing all her muscle strength, losing most of her motor skills, immense fatigue, full body tremors, muscle spasms, twitches, low grade fevers, difficulty eating and breathing, shooting pain, muscle atrophy, and inflammation in the legs.

Doctors looked for explanations — other than the vaccine

At first, doctors thought she had a stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a brain tumor, or an autoimmune disease. She went through a battery of tests as doctors searched for reasons for her symptoms, including two nerve studies, a CAT scan, an EMG, an EKG, 8 MRIs, a spinal tap, and more than 46 blood tests. Unfortunately, most of these doctors seemed unwilling to explore the possibility that Maddy’s sudden issues were vaccine related – and further, they did not know how to treat her. They had no idea what was really going on with Maddy.

Social Media was her last hope

Desperate for help for her daughter, Maddy’s mother, Marah, took to social media to document Maddy’s injury and to try to find answers the doctors were unable to give them. It seemed possible that Maddy had suffered a severe adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. Thousands of people commented on Marah’s Instagram account, offering prayers and support. Some had similar tragic experiences with the vaccines. Many expressed the same frustration with the doctors who had encouraged them to take the shot, and who then were unable to treat the ensuing adverse effects.  Buried in all the comments, however, was some helpful advice, which gave them a ray of hope. Maddy is now trying a series of proprietary IV therapies and stem cell therapy, which thankfully seem to be helping.

Who pays when vaccines go wrong?

The vaccine manufacturers have no liability. Since 1986, and the passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), vaccine makers have been liability-free with regard to their childhood vaccines.  The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), created by the same NCVIA, only covers specific, fully-approved vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine Maddy got is not on the list.  In March 2020, the Secretary of the HHS issued a PREP Act Declaration covering COVID-19 vaccines in particular, providing liability protection to manufacturers, distributors, states, localities, licensed health care professionals, and others identified by the Secretary who administer the COVID-19 countermeasures, including vaccines. The same PREP Act Declaration put the COVID vaccines under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). It is unclear if the CICP will pay for Maddy’s medical bills. As of August 2, 2021, the CICP has not compensated any COVID-19 countermeasures claims. That leaves Maddy and her family on the hook for the enormous medical bills this experience has already created, as well as the cost for any treatments.

School Mandates — What Responsibility and Liability Do Universities Have?

Universities and schools are not covered under the PREP Act. Accordingly, universities and schools mandating or coercing uptake of experimental COVID-19 vaccines can be held liable if injury results to their students from coercive vaccine requirements.

Children’s Health Defense, California Chapter, through its counsel, recently put Chapman University on notice of Maddy’s actual injuries, letting them know that Chapman could be liable for all future vaccine-related injuries if they do not change their policies to allow students to make their own health care decisions. Despite Maddy’s injury from the COVID-19 vaccine, and the likelihood that other students will also be harmed by the university’s coercive vaccine policies, so far Chapman University has not responded, nor changed their policy.

Help us fight for the rights of students like Maddy

Madeline JohnsonChildren’s Health Defense, California Chapter, is at the forefront in California helping to educate students, parents, and the general public about the right to informed consent in medical decision-making. Through education, advocacy, and strategic litigation, we are fighting back against coercive COVID-19 school and university policies. But we cannot do it alone. Please help support our Legal Fund and come join the battle against coercive school and university COVID-19 vaccine policies. Together, we must put schools like Chapman University on notice that we will not tolerate dangerous vaccine mandates, and that these universities and schools will be held liable for any actual injuries incurred by their students as a direct result of their coercive vaccination policies.

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