July 23, 2021

Saturday July 24th: NEW Medical Rights Event at Calvary Chapel, San Jose

As we witness friends and family succumbing to complications of COVID shots — from sickness to disability to death — many are asking about their right to refuse shots, tests and masks at work or at school. This Saturday July 24th at 6 pm PST, please join the California Chapter of Children’s Health Defense (CHD-CA) and other medical freedom groups and attorneys for an encore event at Calvary Chapel, San Jose, CA. Please join us and register now!

Speakers will answer all your questions in an extended Q&A moderated by Neil Mammen of the Values Advocacy Council. Speakers include:

  • Alix Mayer, MBA, President of CHD-CA on Santa Clara County; Actions to Push Back; CA Lawsuit Updates
  • Jessica Barsotti, Esq, CHD-CA Board Member on Hijacking of the Administrative Processes
  • Robert Tyler, Esq. of Advocates for Faith and Freedom on Religious Freedom & 1st Amendment Rights
  • Amy Bohn, Executive Director of Protecting Educational Rights for Kids (PERK) on Vaccine Passports, Right to Refuse, and the Policies & Laws surrounding these issues
  • Allan Stevo, author of Face Masks in One Lesson on masking rights, and how to go anywhere mask-less

We will be answering these questions, and more from you, the audience:

  • How do you legally protect yourself and your family?
  • Are you working at a job where they are insisting that you have to either get the vaccine or wear a mask?
  • Where will a religious exemption work? Where can I get one?
  • What do I need for a medical exemption? Where will it be accepted? Where can I get one?
  • Do you have kids in a public or private school where they either want to force your kids to get the shot or to wear a mask (masks can cause bacterial infections)?
  • Are you concerned your underage children will bend to peer pressure and get the shot without your consent?
  • Are you and your spouse (or ex) at odds on whether your children should be injected? Who will the law side with?
  • Is there anything you can do?
  • Are you vax injured? Did a loved one die? Can you sue the county? Can you sue your job? Can you sue the person who gave you the shot?
  • Who will represent me if I have to sue a company or the county or a school?
  • We will also tell you how to get your Religious Exemption form.
Come hear from a panel of LEGAL experts on what steps you can take. With over 90 mins of Q&A time at the end.
Please join us for this empowering event on Saturday. Know your rights. Register now!