March 02, 2021

Experimental COVID Vaccines: Mounting Deaths Reported in Media and Social Media … Part 7 of 12


Deaths, serious adverse events, permanent disabilities, and loss following COVID vaccines continue to mount as over 236 million doses administered worldwide.  Estimated incidence (adjusted for underreporting) of adverse events following COVID vaccines is now: for every experimental COVID shot given, 1 person in approximately every 30 would report an adverse event (AE); 1 in approximately every 157 to 2,044 would report a serious adverse event (SAE), and 1 in approximately every 548 to 7,117 would report a death (if all AEs, SAEs and deaths were reported). Public health authorities abandon cautionary guidelines for COVID vaccines in pregnancy despite rising numbers of “red flag” cases of premature labor, miscarriage, and fetal death. FDA’s promised state-of-the-arts central COVID-Vaccine safety tracking system — Biologics Effectiveness and Safety System (BEST) — is non-functional. Updated death, injury, and disability reports and more, in today’s article.

By Dawn Amittai

Worldwide Administration of Experimental COVID Vaccines Hits 236 Million Doses in 103 Countries

As COVID vaccination programs continue rolling out worldwide, the latest numbers show that 236 million doses in a total of 103 countries have been administered. In the US alone, over 48 million Americans have had their first shot, and nearly half of them have received the second. For the most recent figures see Table 1:table1 COVID Vaccines Admin

Experimental COVID Vaccines: The Trail of Death, Serious Injuries and Disabilities Continues to Mount…

CDC’s phased COVID vaccination program which began mid-December with Phase 1a — frontline medical workers and the elderly in long-term care facilities — continues to leave a trail of death, disabilities, serious injuries, and loss in its wake. Week after week we hear heart-wrenching stories of the death of beloved grandparents, nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals whose lives have tragically been cut short and dreams shattered, following the administration of warp-speed developed, experimental COVID vaccines.

wedding covidThis week we heard about Haley Link Brinkmeyer, a beautiful 28-year-old who very recently completed her PhD, married her high school sweetheart, and embarked on her career as a physical therapist. Just two days after taking an experimental mRNA vaccine, her “sudden death shocked everyone in her family, and left her young husband with a void that is unlikely to ever be filled.” 

We read the heartbreaking post on *social media [*injuries and deaths reported on social media are unconfirmed] of a beloved grandma who died from a stroke a few days after her second COVID vaccine. Her granddaughters shared their grief over facility rules which prohibited them having any physical contact with for the past year, until she was on her deathbed; they attributed her death, at least in part, to her suffering from social isolation from these harsh policies. 

As Phase 1b — vaccinating other essential frontline workers — is rolling out, we continue to hear about school closures due to staff becoming ill after receivingvaccine stroke vaccines, firefighters and other workers requiring time off to recover from adverse effects of their COVID shots. We have even been hearing these stories from as far away as France, as the Saint-Lô Hospital in Normandy suspended the vaccination of its health professionals due to malaise among the vaccinated staff. “It puts us in difficulty when we have whole teams being vaccinated on the same day and 15% of the team has post-vaccination symptoms,” the hospital communications officer, Mélanie Cotigny told French news agency AFP. We continue to hear that many Phase 1b workers — firefighters, police, EMS staff, MTA workers — as well as numerous military personnel are choosing to decline these experimental COVID-19 vaccines in increasing numbers.

VAERS Latest Data on Deaths Following Investigational COVID Vaccines

table 2 vaccine deaths by countryAs of February 19th, CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) lists 1,095 deaths in their system — 870 in the US, 129 “foreign” and 96 “unknown” — since the experimental vaccine rollout began mid-December. An additional 706 deaths have been published by the media through February 27th, now including countries such as Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, which we had not seen reports from previously. For the most recent numbers of deaths following COVID vaccines itemized by country see Table 2.

The distribution of deaths reported by VAERS in the US listed by state is displayed in Table 3. California continues its lead in deaths following COVID vaccines, with 87 reported to date; Florida is next with 62, followed by Kentucky and Ohio, both with 48.table 3_death reported by VAERS

The CDC also publishes an up-to-date tally of the number of vaccines administered in each state here. 

During this same period — through February 19th — a total of 19,907 adverse events were reported to and entered in VAERS, including 3,813 considered serious (see VAERS data reports). As always, keep in mind that these COVID-vaccine related adverse events and deaths reported to the VAERS System are known to represent fewer than 1% of all the actual vaccine adverse events and only 1-13% of serious adverse events/deaths. More accurate figures are obtained by multiplying the number of reported adverse events by 100 (i.e., to account for the fewer than 1% reported), and serious events and deaths by 7.7 and again by 100, to account for the range of 1-13% reported. Thus, more accurate numbers to adjust for under-reporting could be calculated at: 1,990,700 adverse events, 29,360 to 381,300 serious adverse events, and 8,431 to 109,500 deaths to date.

19,907 Adverse Events Entered in VAERS by February 19, 2021

19907 vaers

3,813 Serious Adverse Events Entered in VAERS by February 19, 2021

3813 Serious Adverse Events

1,095 Deaths Entered in VAERS by February 19, 2021

1095 deaths entered

Experimental COVID Vaccines: Generating Hospitalizations, Emergency Room Visits, Office Visits and Permanent Disabilities

This week we continued to track the number of adverse events entered in VAERS by February 19th — the date of their last data upload — which required hospitalization, visit(s) to the emergency room, visit(s) to a doctor’s office, and those reported cases resulting in permanent disability — please see Table 4.  As always, keep in mind that these numbers represent fewer than 1% of all the actual vaccine adverse events and only 1-13% of serious events/death are reportedtable4 hospitalizations

The latest CDC statistics indicate that 37,269,195 Pfizer-BioNTech and 35,422,721 Moderna vaccines have been administered in the US through February 27tth. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA one week ahead of Moderna’s, explaining why Pfizer continues its lead in having administered more vaccines. AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine was authorized for emergency use in UK end of December, and their rollout began first week of January; India’s brand of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Covishield, began administration mid-January in India. 

China’s COVID-19 Sinovac vaccine received emergency approval last July in China, with medical workers and employees of state-owned firms beginning to receive it there; China is also producing the Sinopharm vaccine. Sinovac shots have been sold to at least 10 other countries, and is also marketing another brand of their vaccine called CoronaVac. All the Chinese COVID-19 vaccines use killed virus technology.  Sinovac vaccine rollouts have begun in at least five other countries, and stories of deaths following their jab — both Sinovac and CoronaVac —are just beginning to appear in news from Indonesia… 


On February 27th, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) one-dose COVID-19 vaccine for use in individuals 18 years of age and older. The vaccine uses Ad26, a modified adenovirus to deliver a piece of the DNA (genetic material) to make the “spike” protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. J&J’s COVID vaccine is the third to receive an EUA from the FDA; it will begin shipping out to states and pharmacies on Monday, March 1st.

Currently, Pfizer’s shot continues its lead in the numbers of deaths following administration, as reported by VAERS as well as the media (see Table 5).table5 deaths by manu

Using data provided by Bloomberg’s COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, we obtained the total number of vaccine doses administered to Americans by February 19th — the most recent date VAERS uploaded reports to their system — and adjusted for underreporting (i.e., VAERS figures represent fewer than 1% of all the actual vaccine adverse events and only 1-13% of serious events/death are reported). Then we calculated the estimated incidence of adverse events and deaths reported by VAERS per the number of vaccines administered (see Table 6). To date, for every shot given: 1 person in approximately every 30 taking one of these experimental COVID vaccines would report an adverse event (AE);  1 person in approximately every 157 to 2,044 would report a serious adverse event (SAE), and 1 person in approximately every 548 to 7,117 would report a death — if all AEs, SAEs and deaths were reported.

Biologics Effectiveness and Safety System (BEST): FDA’s Promised Central COVID-Vaccine Safety Tracking System is Non-Functional

Last year the FDA promised to launch a national monitoring system for tracking the safety of their EUA-authorized experimental COVID vaccines, called the Biologics Effectiveness and Safety System (BEST). Numerous FDA officials have admitted to the New York Times that their much-touted BEST system is still being developed, and will not be capable of analyzing safety data for weeks or even months. A perplexed CDC official reflected, “It’s been a puzzle to me. FDA talks about this [BEST] in a way that is really unclear as to what is up and ready to go and what isn’t.”

Currently more than 60 million doses of experimental COVID-19 vaccines have been given in the US, and as of February 12th, 19,907 adverse events, 3,813 serious adverse events, and 1,095 deaths have already been reported to and uploaded to CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

How is it possible, that in the midst of a pandemic — while unprecedented numbers of experimental vaccines are being rolled out in massive programs — that the FDA does not have an adequate system to monitor dangerous vaccine reactions, track and analyze ongoing safety data? VAERS relies on “… a cobbled together set of smaller, older monitoring networks” that they acknowledges are inadequate because of small sample size, missing critical data, and other problems. “I’m concerned about this disjointed tracking system,” said Dr. Ashish K. Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “We knew these vaccines were coming for at least several months before they got authorized, so we really should have had a well-developed system.” Hardly reassuring…

Revisiting the Use of Experimental COVID Vaccines in Pregnancy: Adverse Outcomes Continue Rising

In our last few articles, we discussed how the WHOCDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), Dr. Fauci, and ACOG all suddenly dismissed any previous concerns about women receiving these experimental COVID vaccines during pregnancy… and this is despite the fact that none of them have ever been tested in pregnant women.

This abrupt policy reversal from our public health authorities is quite perplexing, especially in the face of mounting hard evidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes following exposure — premature labor, miscarriages, hydrops fetalis (i.e., a life-threatening condition where large amounts of fluid buildup in the baby’s tissues and organs), and fetal deaths. Why has there been no real explanation for how or why our “medical authorities” all simultaneously arrived at the same conclusion, and appear to be ignoring so many red flags?  Is it not baffling — and worrisome?

We repeated a VAERS search on this same topic, which revealed that adverse pregnancy outcomes reported and uploaded since last week’s article are now up to 41 — an increase of 10 cases in just one week! As always, keep in mind that these numbers represent fewer than 1% of all the actual vaccine adverse events and only 1-13% of serious events/death are reported (see VAERS report findings). 

Pregnancy-Related Adverse Events Reported to VAERS by February 18thh for both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccines: 41 cases

41 cases vaccine

Some of the cases listed on VAERS are presented here:

  • 24-year-old from Virginia: “I developed swelling and hives over 75% of my body and was given a shot of Epi shot because my throat closed. I developed a weakened immune system from the vaccine. I am 8 weeks pregnant and developed a Blighted Ovum and I am currently going through a miscarriage to date. Rather not release any info regarding the pregnancy.”
  • 40-year-old from Ohio: “About 12 hours after the vaccine I developed headache, fever 100.5, nausea and vomiting, and red rash across my chest up to my neck and under both breasts. All symptoms but the rash improved the following day. I went to have my 8-week pregnancy US 6 days after this second vaccine dose and there was no fetal heart rate…”
  • 32-year-old female from California: “Miscarriage in first trimester. First dose received 12/22/2020 Conception date 01/03/2021 Second dose 01/27/2021 Miscarriage started 02/03/2021 First pregnancy. No other medical problems or pregnancy risks.”
  • 33-year-old from Iowa: “Received COVID vaccine on Friday afternoon, 1/22, developed some slight abdominal cramping 1/24 and 1/25, had severe abdominal and back pain resulting in miscarriage evening of 1/25”
  • 35-year-old from Ohio: “20 weeks gestation at time of vaccine administration. Saw OB that morning (1/12/21), normal exam and fetal heart rate. Normal anatomy scan 1/8/21, normal genetic screening. Fetal demise noted at 24-week OB visit on 2/9/21, stillborn baby delivered 2/12/21.”
  • 32-year-old from Texas: “My first dose took place on 12/30 and second on 1/19. I had a miscarriage on 1/21.”
  • 27-year-old from New York: “I was pregnant, and my baby died two days after I took it and I got really sick.”

We also repeated our search of UK Yellow Card data through February 19th, which revealed an increase of 4 cases since last week. As we previously mentioned, Public Health UK’s guidelines for use of COVID vaccines in pregnancy issued by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is slightly more conservative than US recommendations, so perhaps the fewer reported pregnancy-related adverse events in UK reflects their more cautious approach (See Yellow Card Scheme data reports): 

Pregnancy-Related Adverse Events Reported to UK Yellow Card System by February 19th for Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine: 9 cases


pfizer COVID-19

Pregnancy-Related Adverse Events Reported to UK’s Yellow Card System by February 19th for AstraZeneca’s COVID Vaccine: 5 cases


astrazeneca vaccine

Next, we repeated our search of pregnancy-related adverse events reported to the European EudraVigilance System by February 27th for both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s experimental COVID vaccines. We found a total of 52 adverse pregnancy outcomes — an additional 29 cases from our last February 13th report (see EudraVigilance data):

Pregnancy-Related Adverse Events Reported to European EudraVigilance System by February 27th for Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine: 46 cases 


pfizer pregnancy vaccine results

Pregnancy-Related Adverse Events Reported to European EudraVigilance System by February 27th for Moderna’s COVID Vaccine: 6 cases


moderna COVID

vaccine pfizerOn Saturday, February 20th we read a post from a young woman named Megan, on *social media [*injuries and deaths reported on social media are unconfirmed] who was 41-weeks pregnant after a 2-year battle with infertility who finally had a successful IVF — joyfully awaiting the birth of her son. “…I’m officially fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine! Clearly [baby name] wanted to be born to a fully vaccinated mama! I’m scheduled to be induced on Wednesday evening if he hasn’t arrived by then!” Her heartbreaking post two days later: “…I’m currently 12 hours into induced labor with my precious baby who is no longer living…”  Is this not a major red flag?

Are these 107 reported pregnancy-related adverse events — 41 in the US, 14 in UK, and 52 from Europe — not glaring red flags?  Why have our “public health authorities” — WHOCDC and the ACIP, Dr. Fauci, and ACOG — abandoned caution with exposing pregnant women to these experimental, warp-speed produced COVID vaccines? Why do they seem to be missing or ignoring the rising evidence of harm — 107 reported cases of premature labor, miscarriages, hydrops fetalis, and fetal death — since these vaccines were rolled out in December?  Can we simply continue trusting these recommendations from our health authorities and agencies — like Megan did — and put the lives of our unborn loved ones in their hands without solid data?


This article contains a growing list of deaths that occurred after the experimental COVID vaccine was administered. The death reports are culled from the media and from social media, as well as from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Injuries and deaths reported on social media are unconfirmed. Although the deaths are temporally related to the COVID vaccination, Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter cannot claim the COVID vaccine definitively caused the deaths. That said, the symptom patterns and timing are highly suspicious, and tend to follow patterns of adverse events widely recognized to occur after other vaccinations. The death reports serve as anecdotes that may soon establish a pattern. Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter is providing regular updates on newly reported deaths that occur after COVID vaccination. As always, Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter supports fully informed consent and no medical mandates. This is not medical advice. Please share this information with, and consult your doctor.