March 22, 2021

CHD-CA President Alix Mayer on Senator Pan’s Latest Bill, in conversation with Gary Null PhD

Listen to CHD-CA President Alix Mayer MBA speak with Gary Null PhD on The Progressive Commentary Hour about Senator Pan’s extraordinary efforts to push through the California legislature two bills – SB277 and SB276 – that severely limited medical exemptions from vaccination for children to attend school. Mayer and Null also discuss Dr. Pan’s latest legislative actions in 2021. Pan introduced a bill – SB742 – which violates the first amendment right to peacefully assemble and protest. The bill attempts to limit protests around vaccination centers, and specifically mentions schools as future vaccination sites. Children’s Health Defense does not condone violence and and does not condone blocking anyone from getting a vaccination. Children’s Health Defense supports fully informed consent and believes those who protest vaccination should have the same rights as those who peacefully protest around abortion clinics. Those rights have been upheld by SCOTUS on numerous occasions. The conversation later covers COVID shot death and injury reports to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, exposing there are vastly more reports of deaths and injuries after COVID shots than reported after any other vaccine.

Listen here: The Progressive Commentary Hour