August 23, 2021

Peaceful Protest in Santa Monica Shows the Power of People

A rally on Saturday drew around 1,500 peaceful protesters, all there to voice opposition to vaccine mandates.

On a Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica, California, well over a thousand people gathered. They were first responders, like firefighter Evan Davis. They were parents, like mom Dana Sweitzer. They were nurses and teachers. They were ordinary people just like us. They came together with a single voice, crying, “No Vaccine Passports!”

For more than 5 hours, the crowd held signs and chanted slogans. Looking out over the sea of people, signs could be seen with many messages:

“My body, my choice”

“No Vax Passports”

“Let me call my own shots”

“Freedom not force”

As the reporter from KTLA5 noted, while there was a lot of energy, there were no arrests. The gathering was peaceful. Check this page for photos and video from the event, which will be added as they become available.