November 16, 2021

Historic Peaceful Protest Against Vaccine Mandates at the Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

By Alix Mayer, Board President, Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter

Last Thursday, thousands of protesters unwilling to abide by authoritarian “jab or job” diktats peacefully convened at the base of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to amplify their voices. The protest was apolitical and non-religious. Mandate opposition has been censored in media and social media since the start of lockdowns. Protesters argue that mandates and vaccine passports are governmental over-reach and a human rights violation. Robust science and emerging data indicate the COVID shots pose far more harm than government officials and the medical system are admitting to the public.

Thousands of front-line workers – from healthcare workers to those in the transportation sector – walked out last week, in opposition to tyrannical vaccine mandates. Last week’s mass nationwide walkouts could further disrupt the already beleaguered supply chain, with the biggest impact expected to be felt after Thanksgiving. The Golden Gate Bridge protest was organized, in part, to support these transportation sector walkouts to pressure the Biden administration to stop the mandates.

“Pharma and big tech and bad politicians are taking away our right to refuse,” said human rights attorney Leigh Dundas, “and our right to refuse is the essence of liberty, is the essence of freedom, as well as our right to say yes to something we do want.”

Protest Unites Varied Political and Social Groups

A wide array of groups attended the protest, including the Proud Boys, socialists, democrats, republicans, BLM members, and those with tribal heritage who unified around the seminal civil liberties issue of our time: medical freedom.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Monitor, more than half of black Americans remain unvaccinated as of November 3rd. I’m advocating for choice in this issue,” said Hawk Newsome, founder of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, “There are a lot of black people whose voices will be silent in this fight. A lot of black people will lose their jobs.”

The protest concluded with a peace pipe ceremony led by Lakota Holy Man, Chris Brooks, who drove with eight other tribe members from South Dakota to participate in this historic protest.

Unprecedented Injuries and Political Gain

Many speakers highlighted the unreported science and data, which shows that the shots have caused an unprecedented number of injuries, with no efficacy against viral transmission. The U.S. injury reporting system, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS,) collected 200 to 400 post-vaccination death reports per year between 1989 and 2020. Since mid-December 2020, when COVID shots began to be administered, almost 19,000 deaths have been reported after COVID shots alone. VAERS is a passive reporting system proven to capture less than 1% to 13% of all vaccine adverse events, per a CDC-funded Harvard Pilgrim study. Many protesters said they know young people who have died or been injured after COVID shots, while most did not know anyone under 75 years of age who has died of COVID.

In my own speech, I noted that the recovery rate for children who contract COVID is 99.99% and you cannot improve on that recovery rate. The shots have been documented to cause heart injuries such as myocarditis in both children and adults. Also, since COVID shots do not prevent infection or transmission of COVID, and children have a statistically 100% survival rate, the shots cannot mitigate COVID risk in children; they only add to their risk of illness, disability and death.

It appears patently obvious that injecting children with a shot they do not need is not about health, but about a political favor to vaccine makers. Since the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, any vaccine the CDC adds to the recommended vaccine schedule for children receives full liability protection, no matter whose arm is injected, adults or children. While the COVID shots are under EUA, manufacturers enjoy full liability protection. If the shots become fully approved, they will lose that liability protection. As an example, COMIRNATY, the allegedly “fully-approved” version of the Pfizer vaccine, is not on the market or available because BioNTech would be fully liable for injuries and deaths. If the COVID shots are fully approved in the future, the CDC plans to add the COVID shots to the children’s recommended schedule as a maneuver to get liability protection for the manufacturers. The actions of the CDC and FDA speak volumes about whom they are protecting, and it is not our children.

Meanwhile the truth about Anthony Fauci’s dishonesty-filled career is emerging. Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, released to the public today, gives the details with sourced evidence. Fauci is being revealed not just as a COVID flip-flopper, but also as a director of disturbing research projects such as cruel experiments on beagles, forcing AIDS medication onto orphans in New York, and blocking research on and treatment for AIDS patients.

Many government or private employees have been terminated or put on unpaid leave for exercising their right to refuse a still-investigational injection. Maureen Block, a Children’s Health Defense board member, interviewed a U.S. Park Policeman at the protest who said he reluctantly got the jab two days prior to the deadline, taking a risk with both his health and life so that he could keep his job to support his family. This officer took the additional step of protecting his wife and children from potential vaccine harm by moving them to what many now consider a safe haven – Idaho – over a year ago where his children now attend school without COVID shot or mask mandates. He flies to Idaho every weekend. With crime at an all-time high in California, he said he can’t wait to retire, move to Idaho permanently and collect his pension.

Another COVID shot battleground is taking place at restaurants and retail stores. Those who do not want, or cannot receive, COVID shots are being treated as second-class citizens in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The COVID mandates deputize restaurant and retail owners as the new vaccine police. Non-jabbed diners and shoppers are not allowed inside these establishments, and are now forced to eat outside or take curbside delivery of products. Proof of vaccination – also known as “vaccine passports” – is required for entry, creating a caste system of those who can participate in society and those who cannot.

Car Accident Did Not Deter Police From Encouraging Peaceful Protestors to Return in the Future

A car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge toward the end of the protest raised some eyebrows, as protesters were neither on the bridge sidewalk nor near the accident, due to bridge officials and San Francisco police blocking the bridge sidewalk to pedestrians. Aerial video from a news outlet showed a northbound SUV made a hard right turn from the far left lane, hitting a parked Bridge Authority truck and a street sweeper.

Prior to the protest, the Bridge Authority also blocked all vehicles from entering the parking lot at the meeting point — the Roundhouse Café — including buses of protesters that were turned away due to inability to find a place to offramp passengers. Despite these barriers, thousands of people showed up to make their voices heard. Contrary to the impression which may have been left by some mainstream media outlets, protesters and speakers who conversed with the Bridge Authorities and San Francisco Police Department were encouraged to return in the future due to the positive and peaceful experience. Many San Francisco officers and first responders also covertly expressed their private support of the anti-mandates protest. Overall, the protest was a powerful demonstration against what many feel are inappropriate and illegal government mandates that should have no place in a democratic society.

Contributors include: Kristina Kristina, Maureen Block, and Denise Young.